Sound of Music

12 Mar

Sound of Music

I created this vector guitar graphic on Adobe Illustrator. I am really proud of the turn out. If you would like to use it for any design purposes feel free to contact me here.


Nick Grimshaw

12 Mar

Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw is a very quirky entertainment DJ on BBC’s Radio 1. I really like him. And I happen to have the same Justin Bieber shirt as him so I would consider that to be a win.


Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you.

18 Oct


“Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you.” — Jordin Sparks

Well now I understand the permanence of tattoos because this past weekend I ended up getting a tattoo on my right foot. Yep. An actual tattoo. When ever I show people their first question is always “Did it hurt?” and I must say the pain was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. It felt like a million continuous bee stings, not a preferable feeling but considering the circumstances it really was not awful. Now it is in the healing process and I am really happy with it.

In script on the top of my foot it quotes my favorite verse from scripture: perfect love drives out all fear [1 John 4:18] Ever since I was introduced to this verse years ago it has always stuck with me and I have depended on it nearly every day. I need to remind myself to not be afraid because everything is in the Lord’s hands; He is perfect and He has a plan for me so I need to trust in Him. Faith plays an important role in my life and I realize that I need to depend on the words of scripture and actively learn more from scripture in order to strengthen my relationship with the Lord.

It’s Been Too Long

1 Sep

It’s been too long

since I posted on this blog.

since I’ve sat down and focused on my work.

since I last had a deep conversation with someone, anyone.

since I’ve been hiking.

since I was last at home.

since I took time to be by myself.

since I’ve purchased Starbucks.

since I did my laundry.

since I just let myself write just for writing’s sake.

Modify Me

5 Jun

If there was one thing I could change about my personality it would be the fact that I am a complete and utter people-pleaser. It wasn’t until today that I realized just how fake (for lack of a better term) my personality can be around others I am subconsiously trying to impress. There wasn’t really a particular event that sparked this realization within myself and I know that to some degree, yes, we all act differently around various social groups/communities. However, personally I can’t even begin to describe just how different I can be. Whenever I try to be someone else, or a “better” version of myself, I can’t help but feel like I am lying and focusing way too hard on the petty little details when it comes to getting others to like me.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cunning Crackers: Marketing and Wheat Thins

21 May

Wheat Thins. I hate to love them so much because they play with my mind and taste buds. When I was younger I was hesitant to try the snack food because it contained the word “wheat” in the title. Honestly, wheat scared me as a kid who was raised on white bread. Nowadays, all I eat are wheat related products (as opposed to white bread) because I want to live a healthier lifestyle (whatever that means). However, my world came crashing down when I found out that Wheat Thins were not really a healthy product or snacking option. When I first saw them sitting on the shelf at the grocery store I looked at the title and subconsciously broke it down:

Wheat– healthy, whole grain, good for you

Thin– every woman’s assumed desire and aspiration in life

There you go. The ideal snack to avoid getting fat, or so I thought (and I am sure I am not the only person in America/the World who was somewhat tricked into believing this about Wheat Thins). Newsflash: Wheat Thins don’t actually make you thinner. In fact they have very little nutritional value whatsoever (but they are one hundred percent tasty). However, I can guarantee that many people are still buying box after box after box because they believe in the snack’s health value and what they presume it will do for their lifestyle. This just goes to show how much is assumed about a product based on its title and the way it is marketed. This is why I am so drawn to the world of marketing and advertising, because it is deceptive. One day I hope to work with a company such as the ever cruel Nabisco to draw in people such as myself who are willing to trick their mind into believing what they want it to believe. #sneaky

Recap: First Year

17 May

Right now I am aware that I am very late when it comes to writing this post, considering I finished school up about a week ago. All I can say is HALLELUJAH! Finals just about drained every last bit of sanity I had left in me and I swear I spent more hours in the library that week than I had the entire year. But now, finals are complete, grades are out, and I am so ready for summer. At the same time though, I have never dreaded summer so much in my entire life. Summer now is what seems to be a mandatory break and separation from my friends and second home in Texas and now that I am back in Colorado, it almost feels as if that last year never happened. Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted and blessed to be home (thank you Mom and Dad), I just don’t know if I am ready to spend three months away from everyone back at SMU. I was not ready for my freshman year to come to a close. My second semester, for example, was far better than the first and I have all of my friends to thank; there was always something to do, always something going on, and always someone to talk to. I was never bored and never felt alone on campus that second semester. My first year of college was a complete eye-opener for me. I had no idea that everyone I met in college would impact my life so dramatically, and that is why I am thankful I still have three more years left with everyone; but three months away just might kill me (not literally of course, just to clarify).

After this year, I firmly believe that the people you meet in college are the friends you keep with you and in touch with for life.  I thought this applied to high school friends as well before I graduated but in actuality, this is nowhere near true. Of course you and your handful of closest friends will stay in touch, but when it comes to all of your other high school friends, it all comes down to both parties putting in the effort to remain in contact or else it isn’t going to happen. Before you know it, everyone is going their separate ways and moving on to things much bigger and better than high school. Even though we all may not be as close as we once were, I am still very happy for each and every one of my high school classmates and for everything they are doing with their lives right now.

I guess altogether I never expected my college experience to be this great. It’s quite the relief knowing that I made the correct choice when it came to choosing a school for myself. Next year is definitely going to be more chaotic and I will have more than enough on my plate (I admit, I will have to master the art of time management in order to make it through). Maybe I am in over my head; maybe I should slow down. Honestly, I like the pace I am at and can not wait to pick it back up in three months.

Survey Says: All About Me?

16 May

I tend to get calls and offers from a survey company every now and then. They call me generally at the most inconvenient of times only to ask me how I would rate my snack foods or if I would most likely/likely/not very likely/never see a certain movie based on the titles and actors. On the rare occasion, a survey opportunity pops up where I am qualified to answer a couple of questions AND get paid (naturally, these are my favorite). First the caller must screen me to make sure that I am qualified to participate in the study, and if I am lucky enough, I get to move on the the actual study and make a little extra cash. As of today I was selected to be a part of a “blogging” study which pays pretty well; all I have to do is go onto a specific social website, designed by the company, for a few hours a day and answer questions about myself. As nerdy as it may sound, this is the dream job for me and I am so excited to be a part of this study. The questions today were pretty generic, coming from someone who has answered an oddball amount of “all about me questions” for applications, jobs, ect. However, I still liked the questions and my answers so I thought I would share a few of them over the next few days.

What are three things you would tell a “new acquaintance” about yourself?

1) I am in love with the mountains in Colorado and never really realized how much I took the scenery here back at home for granted (considering how I now spend a good amount of time in Texas, where it is very flat) 2) I love to doodle. In fact, you will never find me without a Flair pen on my person because I will scribble and write on whatever surface I have access to. 3) Photography is one of my artistic outlets that I am very proud of. I believe it is beautiful and allows me to look at life through a new angle. 

Would you consider your daily life to be like a stream, a highway, or a roller-coaster? Why?

Stream. Streams continue to ebb and flow even though there may be rocks and other obstacles in their paths. In a sense, they persevere. In addition, when I thought of a stream, I imagined living life with more of a “go with the flow” mantra. This is exactly how I try to live my life daily. Yes, I am still structured and have a specific plan in mind for myself but, much like Tim Gun, I also have a “make it work” personality. If something doesn’t go my way, I know that there is still a way I can make it all work out in the end.

And this is just day one.


8 Apr

Remember the days of bright halter tops and denim-on-denim? Well I sure do and really wish I had been a teenager of the late 90s/early 2000s. Aside from the obvious, including fabulous fashions and crimped hair, the music was also bangin’ from this time. If my friend and I were a late 90s/early 2000s girl pop group, this is what our album cover would look like.


We tried our best to emulate the girl band “Play”. Remember them? They sang songs like “Us Against the World” and “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” with Dreamstreet (early Jesse McCartney, I can dig it). Not to mention they cameoed in the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie “Holiday in the Sun”. If you still have no clue as to who they are then I feel sorry for you.

Let go. Let God.

3 Apr

Irritation. Worry. Anxiety. Stress. These are all very undesirable feelings and yet I have felt each and every one over the last 24 hours (and counting). Important, grade altering tests are piling up along with a multitude of research papers as we all try to make the last home stretch of the school year (and on top of all that, today the Dallas/Ft Worth area was under a very intense tornado surveillance. I had to seek shelter in a basement at least three times).

This time of the year is rough; I know I need to focus but it can be difficult whenever I put myself down, convincing myself that I can not do it. However, I need to remember to constantly remind myself that it’s all in God’s control — there is a reason for everything that happens.

So take a deep breath. Let go, and let God. Once I follow my own advice, then just maybe the beat in my heart will settle down to a more normal, consistent rate.